Live Era 87-93


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Este es un álbum en directo, con solo una canción nueva. Por eso solo pongo las letras de esa cacnción, It's Alright. En las columnas de la derecha teneis los discos donde encontrar el resto.

It's Alright

Told you once about your friends and neighbours
They were always seeking but they'll never find it
It's alright, yes it's alright

Where to go and where to see
It's always been this way and it can never be
It's alright, yes it's alright

Give it all and ask no return
And very soon you'll see and you'll begin to learn
That's it's alright, yes it's alright

Don't you know that it's so good for you
You can be making love and see it all go through
But it's alright, yes it's alright

CD Nº 1:

Nightrain (AFD)

Mr. Brownstone (AFD)

It's So Easy (AFD)

Welcome To The Jungle (AFD)

Dust N' Bones (UYI I)

My Michelle (AFD)

You're Crazy (AFD + LIES)

Used To Love Her (LIES)

Patience (LIES)

It's Alright

November Rain (UYI I)

Coma (UYI I) ***

*** Coma solo en la versión japonesa.

CD Nº 2:

Out Ta Get Me (AFD)

Pretty Tied Up (UYI II)

Yesterdays (UYI II)

Move to the City (LIVE & LIES)

You Could Be Mine (UYI II)

Rocket Queen (AFD)

Sweet Child O' Mine (AFD)

Knockin' On Heaven's Door (UYI II)

Don't Cry (UYI I)


Paradise City (AFD)

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